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L.A. City and County Fire Depts. Join Foundations SAVE Program

Coming together in a unique joint event in downtown Los Angeles, fire department leadership from Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County today announced their participation in Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE). Created and funded by the California Fire Foundation, SAVE provides gift cards that can be activated at the scene, allowing disaster victims to get a hot meal, buy some clothes or maybe find a place to stay the night. 

LODD: Oxnard Fire Captain Scott Carrol

Oxnard Firefighters IAFF Local 1684 is saddened to announce the passing of Captain Scott Carrol. 

LODD: San Francisco Firefighter/Paramedic Richard Faust

All California firefighters join San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798 in mourning the passing of San Francisco Firefighter/Paramedic Richard B. Faust, fallen to occupational cancer at the young age of 53.