Board of Directors

The California Fire Foundation has a 13-member Board of Directors that sets the strategic plan, policies and initiatives of the California Fire Foundation.

Chair: Brian Rice

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (retired)
President, California Professional Firefighters




Secretary: Mike Lopez

CAL FIRE (retired)
Secretary-Treasurer, California Professional Firefighters



Gillotte-1Director: Dave Gillotte

Los Angeles County Fire Department




Mahon-SuitDirector: Chris Mahon

Ventura County Fire Protection District (retired)




Director: Rick Martinez

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District (retired)




Massone_newspaperDirector: Mike Massone

Federal Fire Department, San Diego




Strack-suit.printDirector: Tim Strack

Riverside City Fire Department




danDirector: Daniel A. Terry

President Emeritus, California Professional Firefighters
Stanislaus County Supervisor (retired)
Modesto Fire Department (retired)


Director: Tim Edwards


Director: Freddy Escobar

Los Angeles City Fire Department

Director: Jair Juarez

Modesto Fire Department

Director: Vince Wells

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District