Downtown Parking Lots

Parking Services

Several City Parking facilities are available in convenient locations throughout the Downtown area. Parking rates will vary. Click here for a parking lot and garage map.

Capitol Garage*  (10th & L streets)
City Hall Garage*  (10th & I streets)
Downtown Plaza Central  (4th & J streets)
Downtown Plaza East  (5th & J streets)
Downtown Plaza West  (4th & L streets)
Memorial Garage** (14th & I streets)
Old Sacramento Garage*  (201 I Street)
Tower Bridge Garage*  (135 Neasham Cir.)
Lot D   (1201 I Street)
Lot X   (201 N Street)
Lot Y   (1400 2nd Street)
* Pay on Foot AND Attendants available for payment
** Pay on Foot ONLY available for payment
Pay on Foot Parking

This feature is available for payment at certain Downtown parking locations. To use this payment method, take a ticket from the entrance machine as you drive into the parking facility. Before exiting the facility, insert the ticket into an automated Pay on Foot machine, located on the first floor. Pay the amount indicated with cash or credit card. The machine will distribute an exit ticket. When driving out of the parking facility, insert the exit ticket into the exit machine and the gate arm will rise to allow you to exit.

Pay & Display Stations

There are nine Pay & Display Stations around Cesar Chavez Plaza and in front of City Hall. The stations accept credit cards or coins to make paying for parking easy. Drivers pay for parking at the stations then return to their vehicles to display the receipt. The receipt has a peel and stick backing for users to tape the receipt to the inside of the curbside window. Unexpired time is transferable to another parking spot downtown.

For more information on parking services and rates call (916) 808-5110 or click HERE.