2022 Memorial Ceremony

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the California Firefighters Memorial in Sacramento’s Capitol Park.

6:00pm, Saturday, July 30, 2022
Safe Credit Union Convention Center
1401 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Following the ceremony there will be an evening recessional to the Memorial Wall in Capitol Park.

Watch the 2022 Memorial Ceremony on YouTube HERE.

Questions can be directed to the California Fire Foundation at 916-641-1707 or cafirefoundation@cpf.org.


These fallen firefighters will be added to the Memorial Wall in Sacramento’s Historic Capitol Park and honored in the 2022 Memorial Ceremony: 

Stephen T. Andrews – Chico  

Terry Lee Armstrong – Orange City 

Brian Ballentine – Los Angeles County 

Hans Bolowich – CAL FIRE 

Troy Michael Buzzell – Santa Clara City 

Tory Carlon – Los Angeles County 

James Como – Los Angeles City 

Brian Coney – Orange County 

Jason Andrew Cortez – San Francisco 

Stanley Craig – CAL FIRE 

Gregory A. Crawford – Fresno City 

John Cronin – Redwood City 

Mark Danielson – Orange County 

Brian Joseph Dickson – Ebbetts Pass 

Bill Durham – Fresno 

Carlos Estrella – Los Angeles County 

Harvey N. Farncomb – Sacramento City 

Ramon Figueroa – Porterville 

Jonathan Flagler – Los Angeles County 

Jacob Flores – CAL FIRE 

Max Fortuna – Stockton 

Robert Francis – San Jose 

Donald Dwight Glor – South County 

Joseph Albert Grubba – Herald  

Dean Hale – Murrieta 

Stacy Arthur Hamilton – CAL FIRE 

Larry Don Hammer Jr. – Fountain Valley 

Gary Hart – Ventura County 

Daniel Stephen Havicus – Tracy 

Peter Alan Hein – Big Pine  

William James – Los Angeles City 

Patrick Jones – Porterville 

Yaroslav Katkov – CAL FIRE 

Arthur Eugene King – San Bernardino County 

William Lee Knott – Los Angeles County 

Gary Kuhl – Orange County 

Sean D. Laffan – Oakland 

Robert Charles Leitzke – Modesto 

William Vance Lobsitz – Sacramento Metro 

Jorge Loera – CAL FIRE 

William Clayton Macauley – Bakersfield 

Storm McInerny – North County

W. Chris Mertz – Rancho Santa Fe

Rudolph Metzger – Carlsbad 

Eric John Mikel – Alameda County 

Ryan J. Mitchell – CAL FIRE 

Henry Munoz – Los Angeles City 

Rueben J. Murrieta – Ventura County 

Mike Nagy – Culver City 

Samuel Christian Neubauer – Los Angeles County 

Cory Bruce Norton – San Bernardino County 

Jason O’Brien – CAL FIRE 

Gary Dean Oliver – Ventura County 

Christopher Bryan Parker – Long Beach 

Michael J. Peel – Rialto  

Ulrich Giora Peretz – Redwood City 

Jose M. Perez – Los Angeles City

Glen Ray Phillips – Los Angeles City 

Robert E. Praytor – CAL OES 

Robert Anthony Ramos – Pinole 

Manuel Ramos – Los Angeles County 

Vincent Rodgers – Riverside City 

Mark Roedel – CAL FIRE 

George A. Roque – Los Angeles City 

Paul Vincent Rotondaro – CAL FIRE 

John Ruedy – Los Angeles City 

Raymond Santoyo – Chino Valley 

Jerry Chase Shacklett – Orange County 

Douglas B. Shank – CAL FIRE 

John Spiker – Ventura County 

David Allen Spink – Barstow  

Tamara Thacher – Sacramento City 

Mark A. Tolbert – Los Angeles County 

R. Bruce Turbeville – CAL FIRE 

Andy Valenta – Vista 

Ray E. Van Blarcom – Los Angeles City 

Manuel J. Vero – Sacramento City 

Richard Watson – Los Angeles City 

Conrad Weisker – Sacramento City 

Donald Welcker – Los Angeles City 

Christopher Wurster – CAL FIRE 

Christopher Yock – San Francisco 


NOTE: The deadline for accepting completed Memorial Wall Applications for the 2022 California Firefighters Memorial Ceremony has passed. To submit an application for the 2023 Memorial Ceremony, CLICK HERE to access the Memorial Wall application. In addition to a completed application, supporting documentation verifying the firefighter death was a line-of-duty death must be submitted.

CLICK HERE to view photos from the 2019 California Firefighters Memorial Ceremony where we remembered those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep California safe.