Disaster Relief Programs

The California Fire Foundation administers a variety of programs that provide assistance to the victims, firefighters, and communities that are affected by natural disaster. These programs support critical needs of those touched by natural disaster — from immediate assistance to long-term recovery.


Oak Fire, Mariposa County. Learn more here.

McKinney Fire, Siskiyou County

Mill Fire, Siskiyou County

Mosquito Fire, Placer and El Dorado Counties

Moving Forward from COVID-19

As California and the world wrestle with the COVID-19 outbreak, the California Fire Foundation is stepping forward to help communities severely impacted by the pandemic. Working with partners including NextEra Energy Resources, The Foundation has launched an ongoing commitment to provide funding and support for community-based organizations that are on the front lines helping those facing the greatest risk from COVID-19.

Immediate Assistance for Natural Disaster Victims

The California Fire Foundation’s Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE) program brings immediate, short-term relief to those who have lost their homes as a result of fire and other natural disasters throughout California.

Frontline firefighters can provide SAVE gift cards, valued at $250, directly into the hands of fire and natural disaster victims. With a SAVE card in hand, victims of disaster can purchase basic necessities including food, clothing, medicine or temporary shelter.

During the devastating Camp, Hill, and Woolsey Fires of 2018, the California Fire Foundation distributed over 10,000 SAVE cards totaling over $2.6 million in assistance. Watch the video below to learn more about the impact of the SAVE program during the disasters.

Assisting California’s Firefighters

Thousands of California firefighters work tirelessly for our communities, day in and day out.  When catastrophic wildfires or natural disasters strike, many of our firefighters remain on the front lines, even as their own homes are lost.

The California Firefighters Benevolent Fund, a program of the California Fire Foundation, provides assistance and support to firefighters who are displaced or impacted by fire or natural disaster.

Additionally, the Benevolent Fund aids firefighters who have been impacted by burn injuries in the line of duty. Through partnerships with firefighter burn institutes, the Foundation provides scholarships for burn-injured firefighters to attend events such as the World Burn Congress and connect with the larger community of burn survivors.

Long-Term Wildfire Relief

Following the unprecedented devastation of many catastrophic wildfires in recent years, the California Fire Foundation saw the need to provide ongoing, long-term support to the communities affected by disaster. While an immediate influx of funding may flood into communities in the days and weeks following the disaster, the recovery efforts take years to be completed.

In order to give continued support for the California communities that have been affected by wildfire over the last several years, the California Fire Foundation has created a grant program for the organizations that are working on the ground in impacted areas. By working closely with these organizations to assess ongoing need and effective funding strategies, the Foundation is providing a continued line of support to the Californians who are still living with the impacts of devastating wildfires.

Community and Foundation Support

During fast-moving and chaotic disaster situations, the California Fire Foundation provides funds to organizations giving direct relief to affected communities. By collaborating with other nonprofit groups and community organizations through grants and other financial support, the Foundation is able to give additional assistance to California communities that are in the midst of a disaster.